Meet your Transformational Expert!

Hello there! My name is Jutta and I will be your tour guide to become the Best Version of yourself. 

With many years of experience in coaching focused primarily on divorce and separation, I have developed a unique model of coaching that will rapidly help you to get back on your feet and thrive.

 Why should you trust me?

aside from being a life coach with many years of professional experience, i am also a mother, a divorcee and an entrepreneur. life challenges of any person who is going through a divorce or separation or struggles with any other areas of personal life are not foreign to me.

In my work, I combine my unique personality and intuitive wisdom with a wide array of tools (mBIT, hypnotherapy, coaching, change, healing and meditation techniques).

I am passionate about and specialize in divorce and separation – my signature program. However, I also offer expertise in other areas related to self-love and empowerment

Mission Statement:

“To inspire people to believe in themselves and their greatness, and empower them to live an aligned and extraordinary life which fully expresses their uniqueness to the world, and therefore making a difference to mankind.”


Private Sessions

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Are you ready for change?

If you feel interested or inspired to reveal who you really are and what you are capable of achieving in this life then now is the time.