the best version of yourself

You can be a version of yourself by default – run (mostly) automatically by the control panel of your subconscious software, or you can start to uncover the best version of yourself which lies below the rubble of conditioning, shame, guilt and ‘not-good-enoughs’.

I am here for you if you want to start the discovery of the Best Version of your Self.

The choice is yours!

Create a new life today

Do you want to cut and paste your life, or create a new life today?

To ‘cut and paste’ your past might not be the best thing to do (unless, of course, you want the same results you have gotten so far, and life IS working for you).

However, if you had enough riding the same old roller coaster called your life day-in and day-out, and you really had enough of the same up and downs – then today might be THE DAY to start creating a new life which inspires you!

  • A life which will make you jump out of bed in the morning!
  • A life you are being grateful for. A life of inspiration and fulfillment.
  • A life of profound freedom, unchained from your past, pulled towards a mind-blowing future you have never envisioned before!

Let’s do it together!

Be the Best you can be!

Do you strive to be the best you can be?

Being the best you can be is not static. Your Version 2 is normally an upgrade of your Version No. 1. No. 3 is better than No. 2, and so on.  How can you be the Best you can be? How can you become a better version today than you were yesterday?  What mindset do you need to have? What do you need to do differently?

When you BE the best version of yourself – you will DO different things – which means you will HAVE different things – you would not have had before.

I am here for you to show you how this ‘version upgrade’ is possible!

Create lasting Change

To create lasting change you have to change the ‘tapes which run you’. You have to change from the inside-out.  Sometimes a tape can be erased in a split second, sometimes it takes a bit longer. With the help of repetition, visualization and other helping tools you can re-program and re-condition yourself to achieve lasting change in your life.

It all starts with you! Please contact me for help.

Your Tour Guide with a Torch

I am your ‘Tour Guide with a Torch’ and will help and assist you to find your unique path and your individual answers.

I am certainly not here to tell you what is best for you, or what you ‘should’ do.

After all – YOU are the expert of YOUR life!  You have all the answers you need within you.

But sometimes you need a guide or mentor to find what lies within! I am here for you!

The Juice is in the Stillness

To move towards a future which is more compelling and satisfying to you than the past it is essential to stop, breath and be still.  To connect to yourself on a regular basis is a necessary ingredient for a happy and content life.

‘Hurry up and slow down’ and listen! Listen to your small still voice within yourself!

The one which is full of wisdom, insights and creativity.

In the depth of your stillness lies the key to your transformation!

I will teach you how to be still.  Are you ready to listen?

Discover the Jutta Factor

Sorry, you cannot have my ‘Jutta Factor’.  It is uniquely Mine! You have to find your own “Peter, Paul, Mary, Margret or Tash” Factor.

Is it time to find who you truly and deeply are?

What do you want in your life?

What makes you tick?

What are your non-negotiables?

What are you passionate about?

Who do you want to become?

What is important to you?

Believe me – there is nothing sweeter than living an authentic and autonomous life!

Know, master and lead your Self, and show up in the world as YOURSELF!

My ‘Jutta Factor’ will help you to find YOUR factor ? …

you will never feel alone

If you take the amount of love you give to others to yourself you will never feel alone.

You are afraid to be alone? You are afraid nobody loves you the way you are? Is it so much easier to pour your love unto others – but having trouble loving yourself?

Just imagine – there is a big reflective mirror up in the sky … and all this love you are giving out will be reflected back to you – straight into your heart, and you become your biggest fan, cheer-leader and supporter? “Loneliness, what is that?” you will ask.

I have many tools in my tool box to share with people who want to change, grow and expand!

Live an aligned, extraordinary life

Living an aligned and extraordinary life is a life worth living. It is a life far away from the mundane ‘survival mode’.  If you are living a life which is aligned with your values and standards, a life which is aligned with your heart, head and gut intelligences, it can only be extraordinary!  You will be able to fully express your Essence and have a life full of passion, creativity and courage – and – autonomy!

mBit – multiple Brain Integration Technique – where Ancient Wisdom meets Science. Known by few – but a very profound technique which delivers extraordinary results.  Just contact me!

How to Create new possibilities

Dive into the ocean of ALL possibilities, and do not be restricted by what you can see and what you think is possible.  Expand your mind! To create new possibilities you need Creativity. You need to think out of the box you have created. There are zillions and trillions of possibilities – you just haven’t discovered them yet. Get out of the box – look at things from the right, the left, the bottom, the top – shake it all around and sprinkle it on the floor. Unlearn and un-condition yourself – try it on, and see what appears.

You might be surprised!

Here if  you need me to rattle and shake that box!

Are you ready for change?

If you feel interested or inspired to reveal who you really are and what you are capable of achieving in this life then now is the time.