Jutta has been coaching me on and off for around 10 years. Jutta is professional and has taught me skills that have changed my thinking and my life. Jutta has a warm and caring approach which helps to gently open new ways of thinking and living.

Jutta has taught me many tools that are practical on a day-to-day and situation-to-situation basis. The constant care she uses in her approach has been a breath of fresh air to the routined and sometimes challenging life I live.

Thank you Jutta, please know how much I appreciate you, your thinking and your coaching. It has got me to living a life that is secure, abundant and refreshing.

Cathrine Polgar


During a theatre run, I found myself struggling to remember a section of dialogue and nerves were messing with my breathing during my solo number.

Jutta suggested using The Circle of Excellence with me with the specific intent to overcome this stage fright. Jutta guided me through the visualisation and actions. That evening I was able to draw on the Circle before my performance calmly and clearly focused on High performance.

To my great relief the nerves were gone, I delivered all my lines perfectly and I had control of my breathing throughout my song. This is such a simple yet powerful technique to assist anyone who has a specific intent and wants a positive outcome.

Thank you Jutta you were able to give me exactly what I needed Alison Louise Jones

I loved my session with Jutta. She uses humour, directness and compassion to get our 3 main manifestation centres aligned. Before the session I had an awful experience that week that triggered a big emotional response, kind of like the one thing I really dislike the most happened.

Jutta took me on a visual journey and gave me practices to do to help see what’s happening and in the moment move it to a better place. What I thought as a block turned out to be in reality an idea that was desperately trying to be birthed in me but I was blinded by the incident that happened. The next day I had so much fun watching this new venture creatively form and everything has moved on well since.

I highly recommend a session with Jutta.  😀 Sally Lakshmi Thurley

Jutta, thank you so very much for your time and assistance the other day. Your work with me has greatly assisted me in gaining clarity and having all of myself working in conjunction with itself. Good luck with all of your future endeavours and for any person considering attending Jutta and availing yourself of her skills, I highly recommend and can state the time is well worth it. Marcus Hans

Thank you Jutta for such great sessions! Transformation really happened when I was able to see myself using your great strategies and tools! It was especially good to really value myself by taking the next steps on my journey!!

Everyone could do with coaching! Some things are not as easy to see ourselves, I loved your questions that helped me find my answers!! I will certainly recommend you to others.

Trisha Roche

Adelaide SA

Dear Jutta, This is just a note to say ‘thank you’ for having a coaching session with me regarding decluttering my study. Your calm and encouraging manner helped me to ease into the session. Also, your good listening skills helped me to declutter my mind regarding what needed doing, and helped me realise that considering all I was juggling, when put in perspective, it was more of a prioritisation issue not necessarily a procrastination one so I could stop giving myself a hard time over it and set very small targets (elephant toes) in tackling it long term (as it isn’t a high immediate priority).

Although I’m familiar with the ‘how do you eat an elephant? ‘ question, having used it myself a few times, somehow, after my session with you, this has now stuck with me and I’ll never look at an elephant the same way again!

Thank you very much Jutta! I wish you all the best in all you do! Rita Edah

London UK

“I recently failed an exam and was given a Supplementary Assessment to redeem myself, however belief in my own ability, and I had forces pulling me in different directions, with different ideas of what I wanted to achieve in life. I booked in a hypnotherapy session to see if I could uncover any thoughts or aspirations buried in my subconscious mind. I ended up defining my long term goals and revealed my aspirations were not bound by the parameters I set for myself. Changing my mind frame and attitude towards my goals allowed me to face challenges with determination, courage and most of all, a sense of self-worth. I ended up passing the exam, but I also achieved an insight into myself and what I am capable of doing” Michael Coelho

Jutta is truly an exceptional professional with a wide skillset. Would highly recommend her to anyone that is in need! Thank-you Jutta for your work with our Evolving Physiques Transformation Team. The feedback received was nothing but excellent! Hilal Husseyin

Evolving Physiques, Derrimut

Working with Jutta, I gained new perspectives regarding my life, what was real now and what were old patterns or expectations related to past experiences.

Jutta helped me to change my thinking patterns, discarding ‘what if’ negative thoughts, and replacing them with positive ‘possibility thinking’.

Using and practicing techniques that Jutta taught me during our sessions together, I was able to change my perspective of myself, realizing that I am a valuable person, deserving respect and love firstly from myself, but also from others.

I would recommend Jutta any time. She is a caring and considerate coach who made each session personal, with the aim in mind to bring about the changes I wanted to create in my life. Jutta challenged my old perspectives, and with gentle but firm encouragement, helped me to create a new, more realistic and positive view of myself and my future.

Tracy Warner


Just wanted to take this time to thank Jutta for making a change in my life. A few months ago we both attended a training seminar together. During this seminar Jutta had the opportunity to practice her hypnosis skills on another member of our group.

I was an observer of the session and found that I identified with the clients subconscious problem, I also went under hypnosis ( quite by accident) and I also was able to make a subconscious change that has helped my anxiety tremendously. Jutta was both professional and capable and the change has been long lasting and I feel that I have regained a part of my life back that I thought I had lost forever.

Thank you Jutta and I look forward to seeing you at our next training session lots of love

Katy Bird

An mBraining Session with Life Coach – Jutta Kilpsch

My interpretation of mBbraining: Unlearning your unconscious ‘personal setup’ of your brain for your thoughts, habits and routines.

My Story:  I have emotionally struggled for approx. 45 years, I was not mothered and I had a void in my life and needed some help because of this.  I am a divorced 52 year old lady with 3 adult sons.

My mother was not affectionate and I felt unwanted, as she was a young mother at 20 years old. She also struggled in her own way.  My father was 23 and welcomed me into his life.  My mother came from an alcoholic background where her mother suicided at aged 40 and her brother also suicided and the other is still an alcoholic.  My mother is now a reformed alcoholic.

I remember loads of love from my father; strangely so, as he was an orphan from Britain, however he was a wonderful dad who made up for the lack of love from my mother.

Jutta is my personal friend.  She offered to help me, and I accepted.  Even though I knew it might be difficult to open up, I did.  I am a believer and have a faith in the Universe…  I can confirm that there is definitely something that is available to help anyone in need – you just need to ask.   I encourage people to believe ….  So I was open to an mBraining session with Jutta and her expertise.

I was a little nervous and apprehensive, but Jutta quickly calmed me and talked me through some questions that were confronting, but needed to be addressed. I cried a lot and smiled too during the mBraining session.  It went for about 1.5 hrs in a comfortable setting and Jutta never once tried to hurry up the process.  I was very grateful for this.  She was completely there for me at this time.

I have benefited from Jutta’s mBraining session due to her expertise as a Life Coach and asking the right questions and allowing me to answer in my own time.  I can without a doubt say ‘she gave me Inner strength’.  I have forgiven my mother for not wanting to be in my life and accept we are all different. Some mothers are just ‘birth mothers’ where others are ‘born to nurture’ (I am the later).  I have 3 amazing sons who love me very much.  My relationship with my mother has not affected my relationship with my 3 sons.  I am free from sadness ….

Thank you Jutta, You are Wonderful … Tina

What I love about Jutta is her genuine desire to assist people rise and shine.

Thank you so much for helping me get my head, heart and gut aligned with my business. Before our session I was scattered and unsure, normally this would have taken weeks/months to resolve but within one session I am so much more centred and have the clarity I need to move forward.

Thank you again.

Chizelle Salter


I had one session with Jutta and during our session I felt an immediate connection and ease with this wise woman. I predominantly admired Jutta for the way in which she was both direct and understanding, but asked me and my various brains the hard questions that I was unconsciously avoiding; even though I felt that I had ‘received THE answer’.

It is apparent that Jutta has a lifetime of knowledge and I am so glad she is in this field.

I would recommend receiving and mBraining session from Jutta and look forward to seeing her trajectory. Gabrielle Walker

Leadership Training at NAB
Melbourne (Feb 2017)

I couldn’t speak higher of the session that was run with my peers at work. Jutta is engaging, fun and down to earth. The exercises Jutta ran helped me gain insight into the three minds; my gut, my heart and my brain. I would absolutely recommend contacting for a session, you won’t regret it. Thank you so much! Andrea Kate

I feel so lucky to have attended a one-on-one session with Jutta. She was amazing and has her own quirky fun way of helping you realise and release blocks between your 3 brains. For me I had no idea they were even what were stopping me from moving forward. I can’t wait to book in for another session and highly recommend others do too. Thank you. Amanda Currie