About Us


JuttaK is an Australian company (serving worldwide) that empowers savvy women to create and lead powerful lives after divorce or significant breakup so that they can enjoy feeling truly free, fulfilled and fabulous - with certainty!

We teach our clients how to heal the underlying causes of past relationship wounds for good.

We give them the tools and strategies they need plus the community and support necessary to get unstuck and living a fulfilled life, full of fun and love and excitement using our proven transformational process (here) developed and refined over decades.


We are building a world where every woman after a significant divorce/breakup continues to believe in themselves and their greatness, and empower them to live an aligned and extraordinary life which fully expresses their uniqueness to the world, and therefore making a difference to all mankind for generations to come.


Aside from being a successful life coach with decades of experience, Jutta Klipsch is also a proud mother, a divorcee and busy entrepreneur.... and so informed by her own experience she is uniquely qualified and intimately aware of the many many specific challenges that women need to overcome after a divorce or separation.

In her work, she combines her unique personality and intuitive wisdom with a proprietary combination of powerful tools (mBIT, hypnotherapy mechanisms, deep change coaching, healing and meditation techniques to name a few) in order to bring about profound and lasting transformations.

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