Note from Your Universe

Know that I love you unconditionally. Unconditionally, with your faults and weaknesses, your pain and sorrows, your ins and outs and your imperfections. I love you just because you ARE.

You are a child of the universe – an awesome miracle!

There is nothing in the universe which can make you small or insignificant. Nothing can take your miracle status away!

Unless you choose to listen to the outside world which tries to put you down and make you feel small. (Unfortunately, there are so many miracles out there who feel small and insignificant themselves because they forgot THEIR miracle status). Don’t listen to the shallow and superficial mantras of society. Don’t listen to the ‘shoulds’ of mankind.

  • Your imperfections are part of your beauty.
  • Your imperfections are part of your being.
  • You were created with your imperfections. They are a part of your journey in order to grow.
  • All is in perfect order!
  • Have the courage to be autonomous in all your beliefs, dealings, decisions and choices.

You are a manifestation of a miracle! And so is everybody else next to you. We are all imperfect miracles! Your task is to claim again your miracle status – amongst all the chaos, chatter and clutter of the world. And by doing so you will recognize all the miracles surrounding you already.

And you will start to live in awe with yourself and with humanity.

Miracles won’t destroy or hurt other miracles.

By claiming your miracle status today – you will make this world a better place.

May peace be with you in the knowing that imperfect is perfect and miracles not only do happen but everybody around you is proof that they ALREADY did happen …. !

The Universe (via Jutta)   xxox

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Jutta Klipsch is a Transformational Coach trained in NLP and mBraining who helps women to conquer low self-confidence, self-doubt and procrastination by awakening their inner Feminine Power to create their dream life with clarity and audacity.

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