November 8

So you are feeling stuck?


  • You get the feeling of stuckness when you think you don’t have a choice.
  • You get a feeling of stuckness because you are numbed by the past, by circumstances, by others, or by some silly beliefs you have made up.
  • You get a feeling of stuckness when you are unable to change something.

Maybe you are really not stuck?  

Because, unless your feet are glued with superglue to the floor, or your bumm to the chair, and you are able to physically move – you are NOT stuck.

And if you feel stuck in your head (which I presume) you will be able to unstuck yourself just a few ‘hints’.

  1. Look at the things you CAN control instead of looking at the things which are beyond your control. Even if it is a minute little thing you can do today to move just an ‘inch’. DO IT!
  2. Get rid of these silly/stupid excuses which only want to keep you small (unless of course you like to feel small!?)… C’mon man – or woman – you know you can do it – just shut this ‘Negative Nancy Voice’ up which is polluting your valuable head-space.
  3. The best thing if you are feeling stuck move your body, baby. Yes, move your ass, or your feet or do 10 star-jumps, go for a brisk walk.  If you move your body – your head/psychy will have no choice but to move, too. Try it! Hopping, skipping, star jumps, dancing … whatever moves your body – will wobble your mind.

And sometimes you can start something only ‘1 Minute’ at a time or ‘5 Minutes’ at a time, or even only ’10 seconds’ at a time.

Have fun.

Much love. Jutta



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